Saturday, March 25, 2023

[ePalestine] al-Walaja

Today, I visited the village of al-Walaja, on the other side of Bethlehem, on the Green Line, to meet the village mayor and a group of activists working to save the village. On our way to the meeting, we passed several homes that were recently demolished by Israel. 
This village is under attack by Israel. After the original village was depopulated in 1948 the new village of al-Walaja, east of the Green Line, is now walled in and dozens of homes are under demolition orders. The majority of the village is classified as "Area C" and it is surrounded by the illegal Israeli settlements of Gilo and Har Gilo. The village is in a legal struggle to get the Israeli occupation authorities to allow the village to have a Master Plan so they can legally build, which to date they have refused to allow. The case is live...more on this shortly. 
Landscape photo: From the rooftop of a home under construction in new al-Walaja, which is under a demolition order, looking toward the original village of al-Walaja that was depopulated in 1948. In the valley is the railroad that was part of the Hejaz railway that went from Damascus to Medina. To the right is the Separation Wall and associated security road. 
Photo of activists: The village mayor and a group of village activists, along with an Israeli friend and his wife who are working in solidarity with the village. 
Olive grove photo: In the middle of the olive grove sits the oldest olive tree in Palestine. Under the tree, not seen in the photo, is a security guard who keeps watch on the tree so settlers do not uproot it. (More here


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