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[ePalestine] Mondoweiss: The way forward may be buried in the wall (By Sam Bahour)

Mondoweiss, August 3, 2018

The way forward may be buried in the wall

By Sam Bahour

Although much has been written about the Wall, few efforts have sought to dig deeper into why States turned a blind eye to all its illegalities, which were clearly ingredients for a troubling road ahead, as we are now witnessing. Mohammed Alatar has taken this aspect of the Wall head on in a newly released documentary titled, "BROKEN."

"BROKEN" takes a direct and factual approach to the story of the Wall. It does not shy away from showing both narratives surrounding the debate but remains grounded in the one that is neutral to the parties, international law. This same legal reference point provides States with a way out of the coming collapse.

"International Law is the elephant in the room that States have shied away from to base their actions on. Holding both Israel and Palestine legally accountable, proportionally as dictated by law, has the potential to bring at least common sense in to the conflict, if not a resolution." ~ Sam Bahour

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