Monday, October 29, 2018

[ePalestine] "Palestine: What's Working, What's not" telesummit

Dear friend,

Because the struggle for Palestinian freedom is very important to me and I know to you too, I knew you'd want to see this.

You may have seen posts and email about this telesummit with Katie Miranda, but what you might not know is that an invitation has been given to me to be a guest. This unique telesummit is focused on how we can all renew and refine our work for Palestinian rights.

Imagine being able to attend a strategy-building conference on Palestine with some of the top activists, scholars, journalists and thought leaders from all over the world. In order to attend something on this scale, you'd have to pay conference fees, airfare and hotel. But because of the unique telesummit format, all this is yours for free.

Have you ever wondered if your activism really matters or is really making a difference? Along with 19 others, I'm going to explore the topic: Palestine, What's Working, What's Not. We're focusing specifically on tactics that are and are not working in the movement so that people can spread the word about strategy.

I invite you to join us. Link:


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