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[ePalestine] +972: A tragically unexceptional story of life and death under occupation (By Sam Bahour)

+972 (Hebrew link below)

A tragically unexceptional story of life and death under occupation

By Sam Bahour

My father-in-law, Mughira Barghouty, is dying. At age 91, his health has severely deteriorated over the last six months. He has three daughters: Sawsan, Serene and my wife, Abeer. Serene and Abeer  live in Ramallah and have become full-time caregivers to their now bedridden father. Sawsan lives in Amman, Jordan. Of late, Mughira has repeated a single request: to touch his daughter Sawsan's hand one last time. It was about to happen on the last day of April. Sawsan got all the way to the Israel border crossing, Israeli tourist visa in hand, but she was denied entry and told to go back to Amman. The family is crushed, but not surprised. 


ENGLISH: http://bit.ly/sawsan-en

HEBREW: http://bit.ly/sawsan-he

UPDATE - May 30, 2015

From left to right: Abeer, Sereen, Sawsan and sitting is Fadwa Barghouty

My sister-in-law Sawsan is in Ramallah.

She missed seeing her father before he passed away.
She missed her father's funeral.

She missed the three days of mourning.


Because on April 30th she was deemed to be a threat to the security of the state of Israel and was denied entry from Jordan, where she resides.
Her father died on May 15th.
On May 18th the Israeli authorities granted her approval to visit the West Bank for two weeks.
She entered the West Bank on May 19th and is pictured here with her mother and sisters.

We remain focused on getting her Israeli-issued West Bank Residency ID reinstated. Like thousands of others who were born under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza, her ID has been confiscated by Israel for decades.

For the full story read here:
http://bit.ly/sawsan-en (and in Hebrew here: http://bit.ly/sawsan-he)


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