Saturday, December 13, 2014

[ePalestine] Rick Steves Europe in Palestine

Guidebook author and travel TV host Rick Steves is said to be America's most respected authority on European travel. He visited Palestine in October 2014.

Thanks to IMEU for sharing the Palestine episode of Rick Steves' travel show, which debuted this fall on PBS affiliates across the country. During the 30-minute episode, Steves -- one of the country's most recognizable travel authorities, with shows on both PBS and NPR -- visits some of Palestine's most famous sites and speaks to people about their concerns and hopes for the future.

I do caution that there is a bit of political naivety, to put it politely. Actually it is more than a little which makes one wonder why such personalities still fear speaking things we assume they know as fact, or should. Nevertheless, the video images are beautiful, so enjoy: (26:45 min)

P.S. If you know Eng. Mahmoud Akel try to catch the glimpse of him in Ramallah:-)


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