Saturday, August 02, 2014

[ePalestine] LRB: Hamas’s Chances (by Nathan Thrall) - A MUST READ

A really solid and comprehensive analysis by my good friend, Nathan Thrall.
London Review of Books

Vol. 36 No 16 · 21 August 2014
pages 10-12 | 3611 words

LRB Cover

Hamas's Chances

Nathan Thrall

Nathan Thrall is a senior analyst with the Middle East and North Africa Programme of the International Crisis Group.

Note from Sam:

For the record, there are two items he missed:

1. In the context, the pre "war" Palestinian prisoners hunger strike and cold blooded killing of 2 Palestinians by the IDF in Betunia, which may have led to the yet unconfirmed Palestinian role in the 3 settler youths disappearance/murder.

2. Re "...well before Israel’s 2005 withdrawal." Even Israel did not call it "withdrawal" at the time, it was called what it was, a "unilateral disengagement," or redeployment, to make the point that Israel remains, to this day, in full effective control of Gaza, a.k.a. military occupation.

Besides these two points, he really did a great job in capturing the context.

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