Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[ePalestine] Al-Shabaka Commentary: Transforming Our Vision of Palestine Into Reality (By Sam Bahour)

Announcing a new al-shabaka commentary - 12 November 2013
Transforming Our Vision of Palestine Into Reality

By Sam Bahour

A not-so-silent Palestinian majority opposes a peace that brings no justice. This fact underlies Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Sam Bahour's trenchant reality check for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's push for a two-state solution. Bahour disposes of the myths still shrouding the failed negotiations and calls for economic investment of the right kind on the path to freedom, justice and equality.

READ AT: http://bit.ly/Transforming-Our-Vision-of-Palestine-Into-Reality

This commentary is available in Arabic at: http://bit.ly/PSvsion



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