Friday, March 23, 2012

(Fwd) [ePalestine] My friend’s daughters still wait!!! [CORRECTION]


Walid's release date was originally set for yesterday, March 22, 2012, not April 22nd as appeared in my original post.


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My friend's daughters still wait!!! 

Many of you have been following my reporting of the arrest of my friend Walid Abu Rass ( ) who was taken from his home by Israeli occupation forces in the middle of the night on November 22, 2011. 

Afterwards, I reported an update from his failed appeal hearing and his daughter's visit to him in prison ( ).

Lastly, I updated you all on his attempt to take his case to the Israeli High Court ( ). In this hearing, his 6-month Administrative Detention was reduced by two months because the state had no case against him. His release date was set for April 22, 2012. 

Like what usually happens to Administrative Detention prisoners, on the day of their release, an extension was made. Walid's was for another four months! Again, with no reason why, no charges, no trial, no anything! 

Walid's   two beautiful daughters, Mays, 13 years old, and Malak, 4 years old, are crushed!!! 

I spoke to Walid's wife Bayan yesterday. She is a strong woman. She softly reminded me of what she told me several weeks ago: "Administrative detention has a beginning but doesn't have an end." 

One person could end this nightmare today: 

Deputy Prime Minister &  
Minister of Defense  
Ehud Barak  
Ministry of Defense  
37 Kaplan Street  
Hakirya, Tel Aviv 61909  
Fax: +972.3.691.6940  

Write/call him directly or send a message via your local Israeli embassy.

Let's all redouble our efforts to free Walid. Common sense, international law, and humanity has all is us, each of us, that must rise to the occasion. 

Shocked at the stupidity of occupation,


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