Monday, April 11, 2011

[ePalestine] New eBook: "No More Enemies" (by Deb Reich)

Dear friends 

From my good Israeli friend, the one I many times call ma, Deb Reich, comes a new eBook: No More Enemies. Get a copy and laugh, cry, and think like never before.


Welcome to the era of NO MORE ENEMIES.... 

No More Enemies was published yesterday as a Kindle ebook on amazon at 

No More Enemies:

"If there is a 'them' you are afraid of, read this book..." 

What if the very idea of enemies is killing us? Could we redesign the way we see the world, the way we view each other, to shift the paradigm and make the notion of "enemies" obsolete? Maybe it is already obsolete? 

Yes! That is the basic premise of this original, mixed-genre work written in a conversational, reader-friendly style: The whole idea of enemies, along with the worldview it represents, is on the way to being abandoned. The evidence is overwhelming that we are ready for a different paradigm, a different approach. Our job now is to look around and connect the dots. In a lively and entertaining way, this book helps us to do that. 

First comes an engaging overview of the central theme and its implications, followed by a vivid local illustration (the mess in Israel and Palestine). Next, there are compelling first- person accounts of living "behind the lines," and finally a Reader's Toolbox for adopting a No More Enemies orientation yourself, today. 

Read the book, connect the dots for yourself, and help move us closer to a post-enemies era. No More Enemies is poised to become a global movement. Everyone on earth is invited to join. 

Author Deb Reich is a writer and translator in Israel and Palestine. She has lived in New York, Wadi Ara, Abu Ghosh, Karkur, Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam and Jerusalem, among other places. 

~~~~~~~~~~~ ebook for a PC, iPad, or iPhone, $9.99 
Kindle ebook, $7.99 ordered direct from your Kindle.


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