Thursday, January 08, 2009

[ePalestine] GAZA: We Are With You (IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT)


Dear friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I write you. This is not a time for mincing words.

The ongoing US/Israeli crime against humanity in Gaza is of historic proportions. The death and destruction, along with the ghosts of all the children murdered in cold blood, will haunt Israelis forever. Israel's actions are a stain on Israel, a stain on Judaism, and a stain on all of humanity.

This latest episode in Israel's bloody attempt to eliminate Palestinians from Palestine is accompanied by a total media blackout and a belligerent campaign of war propaganda and misinformation. Only a few days ago we were all fed the following statement, spoken in the cold, arrogant tone that only a war criminal could articulate:

"There is no humanitarian crisis in the Strip, and therefore there is no need for a humanitarian truce." - Tzipi Livni, Israel's foreign minister

Twelve days into this horrific massive onslaught, Israel still refuses to allow foreign journalists to enter the Gaza Strip, despite a ruling from Israel's own supreme court on Dec 31st, ordering the government to allow the international media into Gaza.

Given this reality and the resulting sterilization of criminal acts, I reluctantly pass you links to 3 pages from today's Al-Ayyam Newspaper, one of our 3 national dailies. Remember, the 18-month hermetic seal of Gaza, prior to the Dec 27th aggression, has left the Gaza Strip with very few heavy equipment, and even less fuel, to extract the dead from the rubble.

I CAUTION YOU THAT THESE PICTURES ARE GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING: Caption reads: Gaza - A girl's head and debris-covered body, after the Israeli bombing that destroyed her home in Al- Zeitoun neighborhood, yesterday (AFP) Caption reads: The body of a child under the rubble of a home bombed by Israeli forces in Al-Zeitoun neighborhood (AFP) Caption reads: A child and women under the rubble of Al-Fakhurah School, run by UNRWA, which was targeted by the occupation's warplanes, yesterday (No Photo Credit Listed)


The outpouring of support for Gaza from all corners of the world gives us hope that justice will ultimately prevail, somehow, someday.

I have designed a flyer/ad and would like to suggest that funds be raised locally so it be placed as a paid advertisement in your local newspaper, used as a flyer at public events, as the backside of your event invitations, as an insert in bags at your local supermarket, posted in public places (libraries and university bulletin boards, posted in the window of your local grocery, placed on the windshields of cars at your local malls, posted on websites for further dissemination, etc).

The flyer/ad may be downloaded here:

May all the world's children, including every Israeli child, safely sleep nights of full tranquility,


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