Thursday, March 16, 2006

[ePalestine] The Israel Lobby - A MUST READ!

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Please read this outstanding report then sit down this weekend and write (and lobby to get published) a letter to the editor in your local papers and/or your government representative.

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London Review of Books
The Israel Lobby
John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt
LRB |  Vol. 28 No. 6 dated 23 March 2006

The centerpiece of U.S. Middle East policy is its intimate relationship with Israel. Though often justified as reflecting shared strategic interests or compelling moral imperatives, the U.S. commitment to Israel is due primarily to the activities of the “Israel Lobby.” This paper describes the various activities that pro-Israel groups have undertaken in order to shift U.S. foreign policy in a pro-Israel direction. 

"There is a moral dimension here as well. Thanks to the Lobby, the United States has become the de facto enabler of Israeli expansion in the Occupied Territories, making it complicit in the crimes perpetrated against the Palestinians. This situation undercuts Washington’s efforts to promote democracy abroad and makes it look hypocritical when it presses other states to respect human rights. US efforts to limit nuclear proliferation appear equally hypocritical given its willingness to accept Israel’s nuclear arsenal, which only encourages Iran and others to seek a similar capability."

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