Thursday, February 15, 2007

[ePalestine] OCCUPATION: In your face

Dear friends,

It has been a while since I've been able to write.  So much is happening.  I've been overwhelmed with work for starters.  We are now clearly in a resistance economy mode, similar to where we were pre-Oslo, only on a larger scale and with a few longer term developmental projects being worked on.  We are no where near the level of economic activity to sustain proper development and absorb the current labor force, let alone the growing population needs.  This situation can be attributed mainly to the US-led sanctions on Palestinians for practising democracy and the inability of the world to end this Israeli occupation.

More to the reason why I have not had the mind-set to write has been a human tragedy that took place here last week.  An accidental explosion at a gas station a few kms from our home brought wholesale death to our city on a busy Thursday (last work day of week) afternoon.  The accident happen as repairs were being made to the diesel tanks.  T he lives of 10 people were lost, many of them children, and over 20 injured.  A friend of mine lost her son, sister and nephew in this tragedy (see attached).  The entire community came out for the funeral and Ramallah went into a deep collective mourning.  A unique sense of community bonding brought people from all walks of life to pay their respects.  What hurt most was that, not only was the accident avoidable, but that the civil defense were unprepared to rescue the trapped and all of the licensing and oversight systems in place failed!  Accidents happen everywhere and are no less tragic, but here, layers of irresponsibility and the cloud of being trapped in an occupied cage linger overhead...deep inside, everyone is starting to feel that our society is tearing at the seams, and the prolonged state of crisis is a powder keg ready to explode, promising no less death and destruction than that at the gas station explosion.

As I write now, the Palestinian Prime Minister resigned as per the unity agreement that was reached in Mecca with President Abbas, thus paving the way for a new Palestinian gov't to be formed.  Minutes later the US announced that they will "shun" all gov't members unless full submission to the US (aka international) demands are met.  The US is lighting the match next to this powder keg...will the real international community have the power to stop them before it's too late?  Secretary Rice is on her way here on Monday...let's see how much more damage she can make before being held accountable for prolonging this debacle.

While we wait and see...below are two pictures of what occupation looks like from a Palestinian daily vantage point...notice the perfect US English!

Yearning corporate responsibility, even under occupation, for the sake of last week's victims,



On tape: Palestinians harassed in Hebron ‘cage’

(VIDEO) Tape obtained by B’Tselem shows heated argument between Palestinian family in Hebron and woman Jewish settler; quarrel just one example of suffering we endure on daily basis, head of Palestinian family tells Ynet. Settlers’ spokesman: Claims exaggerated


British film crew threatened by drunken settler in Hebron 

(WARNING: Marked as: Mature, Featured) 

Tel Rumeida is a small Palestinian neighborhood deep in the West Bank city of Hebron. Palestinian families from whom these settlers occupied lands, live directly next to these settlers and are often virtual prisoners in their homes, subject to the settlers' violent attacks and destruction of property. 



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