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September 26  Saudi Arabia: Thank you, but no thank you! (Medium and Arabic (وطن) and Arabic (الحدث) and Hebrew (שיחה מקומית))
September 17  That Massacre Was Personal (Medium)
September 15  Palestine: The Bible is Not a Baton (Mondoweiss and Medium)
July 9  My clown is in an Israeli prison, again! (Medium)
July 3  This Is the Unnamed Palestinian Casualty of Israel's Assault on Jenin (Haaretz and Medium)

December 4  Jews of the world, unite! (Medium and Mondoweiss)
September 28  A collapse in the making in Palestine (Medium)
September 8  When home is no longer home [Book Review] (Le Monde diplomatique (English edition) September 2022 Issue and Medium and Mondoweiss and Plus 61J Media (Australia) and in Arabic at Al-Quds Newspaper and Wattan News and Alhadath and in Italian at L'Associazione Cultura è Libertà)
April 15  Happy Passover from Palestine (Medium)
February 24  Incompetence or Accomplice? (Palestine-Israel Journal, Vol. 26 No. 3&4 , 2021 and Medium)

September 10  New Israeli government, same old smoke and mirrors (Plus 61J Media and Medium)
August 12  Hyphen-ated for Life (Medium Writers Challenge and CounterPunch and RadioFree.Asia)
April 27  Israel called to account (Le Monde diplomatique and Medium)
January 24   Saving Gaza, One Gazan At A Time (Medium)

October 29  The Almighty Military Order (Medium)
October 24  Palestinians are done conceding (Medium)


August 8  "What Do the Palestinians Want?" (Bahour, Sam. "What Do the Palestinians Want?" Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, vol. 43, no. 3, 2020, pp. 26–40. JSTOR, Accessed 8 Aug. 2020.) or

July 20  The United States of Israel (Medium)

July 18  Listen Up, My Jewish Cousins (Medium)

July 1  The Galilee First, if the world is serious about Israel and Palestine! (Medium and Mondoweiss and Washington Report on Middle East Affairs)

June 18  America's Intifada Must Dig Deeper (Medium and CounterPunch)

May 29  Israel puts the entire Palestinian banking system on notice (Mondoweiss and Medium)

May 19  Open Letter (my second) to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Leadership (Medium and in Arabic at Wattan News and Al-Hadath News)

May 18  Thank you, Israel, you are a poster child for justice (Medium)

May 16  Israel put itself in a corner (Medium and Responsible Statecraft and in Arabic at Al-Hadath and Wattan News)

May 3  [Book Review] From Mormon Idaho, Through Youngstown, to Everyone in Palestine and Israel (Medium)

May 1  [Book Review] Palestinian refugees are Israel’s Achilles heel (Medium and Mondoweiss)

April 17  [Book Review] Perpetual Turmoil: A man-made holy pandemic that never ends (Medium)

April 8  [Book Review] “God does not exist, and he promised us this land.” (Medium)

January 1  The Ultimate Start-up: The State of Palestine (This Week in Palestine, PDF and in Arabic in Al-Hadath)


November 21  "Really See, Not From a Bus Window" (Jewish Currents, as part of roundtable on Birthright and Medium)

November 12  Make the PLO Great (Central and Relevant) Again (Medium, The Media Line and in Arabic at WATTAN and Al-Hadath)

October 2  Green Olive Collective — Not your fly by the night organization (Medium) 

September 18  That Massacre Was Personal (Medium)

August 19  Trump's Middle East Communications Theater (LobeLog, New Age Islam and Medium)

July 6  Open Letter to Chairman of the PLO and President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas (Medium, and in Arabic in Al-Quds Newspaper and Al-Hadath and WATTAN)

June 25  Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ Is Destroying Israel (Forward and Medium)

June 22  An Open Letter To My Fellow American, Civil Servant Jared Kushner (Medium and Common Dreams and in Arabic in Al-Hadath and in Italian in Assopace Palestina)

June 22  تحرير التعليم من نير الاحتلال: مبادرات وتحديات (Al-Quds Newspaper)

June 22  Palestinians have every right to reject another Oslo (+972 Magazine and Medium)

June 15  Palestinians vs. Americans (Medium)

June 11  How Much Longer Do We Palestinians Have To Put Up With These Clowns? (Forward and Medium)


June 4  What do Palestinians want? (Medium)

June 2  A Palestine That Israelis (And Trump) Can't See (Medium)

May 30  America's Incompetent Middle East Leadership (Medium and in Arabic in Alhadath and Al-Quds Newspaper (JPG))

May 24  Israelis and Americans Would Act Just Like Palestinians Do Today (Medium)

May 22  Guide for Journalists Reporting on the Palestinian Economy (

May 20  Trump Attempting Financial Molestation of Palestinians (+972 Magazine, LobeLog and Medium, and in Hebrew at Local Call (Sikha Mekomit in Hebrew))

May 17  "The Frozen Chosen" (Medium)

May 16  شَبحُ الشّتاتِ الفِلَسطينيّ (Alhadath and a previous version of same article in English in This Week in Palestine (PDF))

May 12  Unifying Palestinians Through Education: Lessons from Experience (Al-Shabaka and in Arabic here: توحيد الفلسطينيين من بوابة التعليم: تجربة ودروس)

May 9  What To Do When Trump’s Peace Plan Fails (The Forward and Medium)

May 2   American Jews Are Teaching Americans To Oppose The Occupation (The Forward and Medium)

April 27  Are we serious about doing business internationally (This Week in Palestine - PDF, and in Arabic in Alhadath here: هل نحن جادون حقًا في ممارسة أنشطة الأعمال على المستوى الدولي and Al-Quds Newspaper here)


December 23  Pay up, Israel (+972 Magazine and Medium, and in Arabic in Alhadath and Al-Quds Newspaper)

December 1  Two Decades of Resilience, Added to the Previous Five Decades (This Week in Palestine and here in PDF)

November 27  Why I Choose To Stay In Palestine (The Jewish Daily Forward)

November 14  Israel's Mockery of Security: 101 Actions Israel Could Take (CounterPunch and Medium)

August 3  The way forward may be buried in the wall (Mondoweiss)

July 10  Exporting Palestinian Education to Palestinians: Documenting Yet Another Step Forward (Jadaliyya and a summary in Al-Fanar (إنشاء جامعة فلسطينية في الخارج على طاولة البحث من جديد) in English and Arabic.)

May 1  Israel at 70: A Darkness unto the Nations (This Week in Palestine - PDF)

April 13  Is President Trump right to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital? (CQ researcher - Pro/Con)

March 8  Bibi does Broadway (Mondoweiss)

October 27  Jump-Start Palestine: A Story of Economic Survival (HuffPost and in Arabic in Al-Ayyam Newspaper and Al-Quds Newspaper)

October 7  The sadly misnamed Taylor Force Act is being propelled by unfounded anti-Palestinian propaganda (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

September 5  How Palestinians can reverse Israel’s divide and conquer tactics (+972 Magazine and Arabic in Al-Quds Newspaper and Hebrew in Local Call)

Spring 2017  Israel or Occupation? (Palestine-Israel Journal, Vol.22 No. 2 & 3, 2017 - behind paywall)

Spring 2017  50 Years of Israel Imposing a One-State “Solution” (Tikkun - behind paywall)

May 17  The Tallest Man in Ramallah (By Michael Chabon) (LIT HUB)

February 22  Expect nothing from Trump ( and in German here and Arabic here)

January 14  The Two-State Solution's Silver Bullet (Huffington Post, openDemocracy and in French at Le

December 30  A speech on Palestine-Israel awaiting President Obama (Huffington Post)

December 3  Book Review: ‘The Two-State Delusion,’ a well-researched but mistitled saga of a failed peace process (Huffington Post)

December 2  Power politics and empire: its brunt on the occupied and oppressed people (Kairos Palestine Advent/Christmas Alert 2016, p.13) 

November 22  Thank you Mr. Trump, the unifier (openDemocracy and Huffington Post)

November 10  Trump's first steps on Israel/Palestine (+972 Magazine and openDemocracy)

November 1  "The frozen Chosen" (Facebook Note and ePalestine)

October 29  The Almighty Military Order: Forty-eight civilians, 1 fetus and 10 pennies (ePalestine and at +972 Magazine and openDemocracy)

October 7  Palestinian Universities on the Frontline (ePalestine and in Arabic at Al-Fanar Media and Al-Quds Newspaper)

October 1  The Ghost of Palestine's Diaspora (This Week in Palestine - PDF)

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September 22  Syrian Dust (Facebook note and Medium)

September 9  A Palestinian Stalwart Rests (ePalestine)

September 7   Q&A with Sam Bahour By Mitchell Plitnick (Foundation for Middle East Peace)

August 26  PayPal and Palestine (Linkedin and openDemocracy)

August 24  US fuelling Israel's civil war (Middle East Eye)

July 27  Both Republicans and Democrats Regressed on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Now What? (The Jewish Daily Forward)

July 21  Obama’s Last Gasp on Palestine-Israel (Al-Shabaka Roundtable and in Arabic here)

June 30  To Cry And Laugh, Simultaneously (Huffington Post)

May 23  Asynchronous and Inseparable Struggles for Rights and a Political End-Game (Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research - PSR and in Arabic here)

April 28  Start Up Your Company Market (This Week In Week and PDF)

March 31  Transforming Our Vision of Palestine Into Reality (Al-Shabaka Commentary and in Arabic here and here as an Al-Quds Op-ed and updated here in (جريدة السفير) as لسطين 2016: الخرافة والواقع

February 12  No unilateral Israeli path to two states (The Brookings Institution)

February 4  Israel 'feeling heat' over settlement businesses (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

January 29  Layers of confusion choke internal Palestinian affairs (Middle East Eye)

January 14  Palestine-Israel: Europe Drowning in America’s Failures (Al-Shabaka)

January 2  Let Palestinians control their ICT resources (Al Jazeera America)


November 11  President Obama, recognize Palestine now! (The Hill)

November 10  ICT: The Shackled Engine of Palestine’s Development (Al-Shabaka Policy Brief and in Arabic)

November 3  Palestinian Political Activism Could Push Toward a One-state Solution (Haaretz and in Arabic, and in Hebrew) To read English in full if you are not a subscriber see:

October 31  Palestinians ‘have become unreasonably reasonable' (Middle East Eye)

October 28  What Americans Don’t Know About the Middle East Conflict and Why (The Jewish Daily Forward)

October 26  Israel Can’t Have It Both Ways: Recognize Palestine or Grant Equal Rights (Tikkun)

October 14  Palestinians must not fall into this trap, again! (openDemocracy and +972 Magazine and TPMCafe and Huffington Post and in Arabic in Al-Ayyam Newspaper and Al-Quds Newspaper and in Hebrew in Local Call)

September 18  The Sabra and Shatila massacre is personal (ePalestine and Medium)

September 15  How Obama Can Save The Two-State Solution Before He Leaves Office (TPM Cafe)

July 27  Israel’s Addiction to Palestine’s Economy (Cornerstone)

May 12  A tragically unexceptional story of life and death under occupation (+972 Magazine and in Hebrew in Local Call)

April 22  A Resolution Germany Owes History (ePalestine and in German at ipg-journal)

April 15  Framing to Advance, Not to Batter (Democracy Journal)

March 10   Restoration of Buildings vs Memories (ePalestine and in Arabic in Al-Ayyam)

March 1  John Boehner makes me ashamed to be an Ohioan (Cleveland's Plain Dealer)

February 27  Resetting Palestine's political system (Open Democracy and Palestine Chronicle and in Arabic at Al-Quds and PDF)

February 24  Between storytelling and reporting a story (Al-Hal English and Middle East Eye and in Arabic at Al-Hal Arabic)


December 31  Open Letter to the Editors of the New York Times (ePalestine)

October 24   De må gøre noget nu, fru statsminister (Politiken - Denmark)

October 3  Why Must Gaza Wait In The Dark? (+972 Magazine and TPM Cafe, in Hebrew at Local Call and in Arabic at Al-Quds Newspaper)

September 18  US guilty of war crimes in Palestine (The Hill and in Hebrew at Local Call)

September 5  Israelis, stop swimming in our shit (+972 Magazine and in Hebrew at Local Call)

August 17  Palestinian unity is no substitute for a viable political system (+972 Magazine and Middle East Eye and in Hebrew at Local Call)  

August 13  The Ultimate Act of Resistance (Ar) - PDF (Al-Quds and in English at OpenDemocracy)

August 9  Aid Me, Aid Me Not (This Week in Palestine - PDF)

August 4  Don’t Cry For Me (ePalestine, +972 Magazine, HuffingtonPost and CounterPunch)

July 4  Israel's self constructed image is crumbling (OpenDemocracy and TPM Cafe)

June 19  Palestinians must be stopped! (ePalestine and in Italian here)

June 14  The Presbyterian Church's Tough Love Of Israel (TPM Cafe, HuffingtonPost and in Hebrew at Local Call)

May 24  Israel Declares War On Palestinian Banks (TPM Cafe and in Hebrew at Local Call)

May 1  Oral History in Action (This Week in Palestine) and PDF here.

April 8  If Kerry fails, what then? (Le Monde diplomatique and in Hebrew at Local Call)

March 30  Why Land Day still matters (972+ Magazine)

February 11  Israel's waiver to discriminate (


December 23  The State of Play in Palestine: A Roundtable (New Left Project)

December 16  Palestine's Private Sector: Two Decades of Disappointment, pp 68-73 (Heinrich Böll Foundation, Perspectives - Issue #5)

December 6  Dear Mayor, Thank You, But No Thank You (ePalestine)

November 12  Transforming Our Vision of Palestine Into Reality (Al-Shabaka Commentary and in Arabic here and here as an Al-Quds Op-ed)

August 21  A Peek inside Kerry’s “Peace” Efforts or Propaganda? (ePalestine)

June 4  The wandering Europeans (Le Monde diplomatique)

May 25  Why Palestine is different (Mondoweiss)

March 28  Great Smile and Inspiring Words, But No Action -- Again (Huffington Post)

April 23  Diaspora Jews must speak out against the Israeli Law of Return (Mondoweiss)

January 21  U.S. Inaction, Mideast Cataclysm? (New York Times)
November 30  Freedom, Not Handouts, Will Save Palestine (Al-Monitor)

November 18  A Palestine That Israelis Can't See (Gulf Daily News and The Jewish Daily Forward and Huffington Post)

October 20  The Galilee First! (ePalestine) and in Arabic at Al-Quds

August 3  The Murder of Arafat (CounterPunch and Medium)

July 31  Romney exposed his ignorance in the land of the prophets (RNS & Washington Post)

July 25  Palestine’s Investments Require Divestment (Huffington Post)

July 1  Those Damn Palestinians (ePalestine)

June 18  Divesting from Caterpillar, Inc., Motorola Solutions, and Hewlett Packard (BDS)

May 8  Bean Counting States (Newsweek/Daily Beast)

March/April  Palestine’s Golden Oil (Dollars & Sense and Medium)

March 30  Why Land Day still matters (Haaretz)

February 16  Hamas and the New Mideast Puzzle (Al-Monitor)

February 14  Defeating Dependency, Creating a Resistance Economy (Al-Shabaka Policy Brief)

January 23  The writing has always been on the wall (Bitterlemons)


December 29  Palestine’s Economic Hallucination (This Week in Palestine - PDF)

December 20  Palestinian clowns are everywhere (ePalestine)

December 9  Where’s my friend? (ePalestine)

October 31  The Quartet facade (Bitterlemons)

October 18  Illusionary peace negotiations can only lead to a hallucinated peace (The Economist)

September 18  Palestinian U.N. bid teaches us about America (Plain Dealer)

August 4  Palestinians will soon come full circle (The Guardian)

July 5  Welcome to Palestine – if you can get in (The Guardian)

June 20  Arab-Jewish dialogue: Is there a purpose? (MIFTAH)

June 20  Political art at its worst (Bitterlemons)

May 19  Israel Lost in Denial (The Jewish Post & News, Winnipeg)

May 8  BOOK REVIEW: Fatal Embrace: Christians, Jews, and the Search for Peace in the Holy Land (Talking Points Memo and Middle East Open Forum)

April 12  Public space being abused (Ma'an News)  and in Arabic at Al-Hayat al-Jadida and MIFTAH

February 7  Palestine is the key to Arab democracy (The Guardian)


December 31  Global Information Society Watch 2010: Focus on ICTs and environmental sustainability - Occupied Palestinian Territory (Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (Hivos))

December 6  US mediation monopoly collapsing (Bitterlemons)

November 19  Economic Prison Zones (MERIP) and Haaretz and in German at RLS

October 30  A Show of Palestinian Business Resilience (Arab News)

October 12  Can the OECD stand up to Israel? (The Guardian)

October 10  One man's journey from Youngstown to life as a businessman on West Bank (Plain Dealer)

September 25  Hope vs. reality (The Jewish Post & News, Winnipeg)

September 20  Best option: dignified failure (Foreign Policy)

August 20  Economic emptiness in Palestine and Israel (The Hill)

May 24  Palestinian civil society in the lead (Bitterlemons)

April 19  End occupation then start negotiations (Bitterlemons and The Jewish Post & News, Winnipeg)

April 2  Independent and interdependent (Haaretz)

March 29  Happy Passover from Gaza (openDemocracy)

March 17  [Book Review] Israeli Exceptionalism: The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism (Arab News and Palestine Chronicle)

March 11  America To The Rescue, (Not) Again (The Comment Factory)

March 7  Myth of Palestine’s economic development (The Japan Times)

March 1  Growth that Palestine can believe in (The Guardian) and in Arabic at Al-Quds

February 2  Rightsizing Telecoms (Association for Progressive Communications (APC))


September 11  The Elders' next move (CGNews and The Sacramento Bee) and in Hebrew and Arabic

August 20  Israel Still Strangles the Palestinian Economy (The Wall Street Journal)

May 16  Endgame diplomacy for Mideast (Boston Globe)

April 18  Bouncer in Jerusalem (Talking Points Memo and

February 9  End the Occupation First (CounterPunch)

January 19   Barack Hussein Obama is human (Bitterlemons)

January 13  No Other Option? (CounterPunch)

January 9  Playing into the hands of Hamas (Haaretz)


September 5  Palestinians Calculating Next Move: Coexistence with Occupation Not an Option (Dalia Association and Electronic Intifada)

May 17  Refugees Are The Key (CounterPunch)

January 11  Bush Peace Hallucinations Continue (OhmyNews)


November 18  Making the inevitable happen (Los Angeles Times)

October 31  DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: Jerusalem…The East Side Story (2007) (OhmyNews and Electronic Intifada and Medium)

July 30  SOS: Palestine’s Private Sector - Part II (Arab News)

July 29  SOS: Palestine’s Private Sector - Part I (Arab News)

June 20  Hamas’ Shock and Awe (Electronic Intifada)

January 6  The IDF and my daughter’s hamburger (Electronic Intifada)


October 7  We Can’t Go Home Again (New York Times)

July 17  Game Over (ePalestine)

June 13  Israel Spinning Out of Control (Electronic Intifada)

June 10  Begging for a Response: Israel’s ongoing air strikes on Gaza are politically motivated (Electronic Intifada)

May 24  Crushed by Gate of Occupation (Electronic Intifada)

May 23  A Will, a Way and a Partner (OhmyNews)

May 14  Israel at 58: A Failing Experiment (Electronic Intifada)

May 11  Why Palestinian strife is escalating (

February 4  The Third Intifada (Electronic Intifada)

January 29  New Paradigm After the Victory of Hamas (OhmyNews)

January 19  Ring Around the Rosy, Pockets Full of Palestinians (OhmyNews and Electronic Intifada)

January 13  Palestinians Ponder Future (OhmyNews)

January 4  Turning the page, again (OhmyNews)


December 28  Elections without Democracy (Electronic Intifada)

December 17  WANTED: Middle East Mediator (Electronic Intifada)

November 20  After Arafat: The same old song (New York Times)

November 28  Play It Again Bush And Blair (Asian Tribune)

November 11  Palestine Greater Than Arafat (Electronic Intifada)

September 8  BOOK REVIEW: The Myth of Palestinian Development (2004) (PASSIA)

August 12  De-Development, Israeli-Style (Arab News and Electronic Intifada)

July 30  Powell And My Grandmother (Electronic Intifada and Countercurrents)

July 20  The World Is Knocking on Israel’s Door (Electronic Intifada)

May 19  Genocide By Public Policy (Electronic Intifada)

May 7  A Guiding Light Falls on Ramallah (This Week in Palestine - PDF)

February 18  Palestinian Issue Riddles Bush’s 2005 Budget (Electronic Intifada)


December 23  Can It Ever Really End? (Countercurrents)

November 28  The Jerusalem Declaration (Dissident Voice)

February 26  Snow Covered Rubble (Electronic Intifada)


December 3  We Can’t Go Home Again (CounterPunch)

November 29  Palestinian Children in the Night (Electronic Intifada)

October 28  Roadmap to Nowhere (CounterPunch)

October 14  Reform by Imprisonment (Electronic Intifada)

September 28  Wake Up And Smell The Occupation (Electronic Intifada)

September 3  Perfecting the Violence of Curfew (Electronic Intifada)

August 28  The Violence of Curfew (Electronic Intifada)

June 26  President Bush the Martyr (Electronic Intifada)

May 3  The New United States of Israel (CounterPunch)

May 1  USAID Boycott Off Target (Foreign Policy in Focus and Arabic)

May 1  Corporate America and Israeli Occupation (CounterPunch)

April 18  Bush Playing Russian Roulette with Palestinians (CounterPunch)

April 13  Palestinians and the American People (Electronic Intifada)

April 9  The blind leading the criminal (Arab News)

April 1  Palestine, the Way Out (CounterPunch)

April 1  Economic Development Under Fire (Foreign Policy In Focus)

March 6  When History Repeats Itself, Again And Again (Arab World Books)

February 23  Occupation Begins to Crack (


December 25  Year of 2′s (CounterPunch)

December 24  Believe It or Not (CounterPunch)

December 20  Another One Bites the Dust (Foreign Policy In Focus)

December 17  Palestine and You (CounterPunch)

December 5  Are Palestinians Human? (Foreign Policy In Focus)

December 2  It’s the Occupation (Electronic Intifada)

November 25  Israel’s Choice (CounterPunch)

November 20  Plain Truths: The U.S. must commit to actions, not words (Electronic Intifada)

November 7  Placebo Peace Initiative (CounterPunch)

October 27  Occupation is Occupation is Occupation! (Al-Hewar)

October 23  Rising Above the Daily Killings (The Global Beat Syndicate)

September 20  The time to act is now (Al-Ahram Weekly)

September 16  God Bless America, And The Rest Of The World (Al-Hewar)

June 20  Israelis Refusing to Participate in Occupation (Media Monitors Network)

June 13  Israel or Occupation (Media Monitors Network)

June 11  The New Lexicon (Media Monitors Network)

June 1  Has Israeli Occupation Become Legal in the 21st Century? (Foreign Policy In Focus)

April 14  Israel's Jordan is Palestine Option (Media Monitors Network)

April 9  Better than Nothing?! (PALDEV)

May 25  ISRAEL: Your Only Choice (nileMedia)

May 3  Press Release World Is Waiting For (Media Monitors Network)

May 1  Thank You Mr. Sharon (Foreign Policy In Focus)


Oct 3  Palestinians fight decades of injustice (The Japan Times)


March 5  Israeli Expulsions Violate International Law; Double Standard (New York Times)