Friday, October 27, 2017

[ePalestine] HuffPost: Jump-Start Palestine: A Story of Economic Survival (By Sam Bahour and Nisreen Musleh)


Jump-Start Palestine: A Story of Economic Survival

By Sam Bahour and Nisreen Musleh

Not a day goes by without one of us being asked if Palestine really has an economy, given that we have been living for five decades under an increasingly well-entrenched Israeli military occupation. The question usually comes from people passing through on a short visit: some are Palestinians living in the diaspora, others are foreigners who come either singly or in groups; and some visitors arrive, under a variety of auspices, to study our reality. More troubling than to hear this question from outsiders is how often we hear it from our recent graduates. To all, our answer is yes – unequivocally.




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