Thursday, November 10, 2016

[ePalestine] +972Mag: Trump's first steps on Israel/Palestine (By Sam Bahour)

+972 Magazine

Trump's first steps on Israel/Palestine

By Sam Bahour

For starters: Make the $38 billion military aid package dependent on Israeli actions to dismantle the occupation, and recognize the State of Palestine already.

Again, the Republican candidate in the U.S. presidential elections lost the popular vote but won the election. Such is a function of the mechanics of the U.S. flavor of democracy where not every vote matters; only votes in key states matter. Nevertheless, billionaire Donald Trump is heading to the White House.

Trump's ascent into the U.S. presidency will be the material for political analysts and historians, not to mention Hollywood, for many years to come. That noted, history has already clearly established that the difference between a candidate's campaign and their posture once in office are like night and day. This applies to Trump just like it would apply to any other candidate. He should prepare himself to be the tool of a state apparatus which is much more about the U.S. than it will be about Trump the person, despite the best efforts of his public relations spin masters.


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