Friday, January 29, 2016

[ePalestine] MEE: Layers of confusion choke internal Palestinian affairs (By Sam Bahour)

Middle East Eye

Friday, 29 January 2016

Layers of confusion choke internal Palestinian affairs

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Sam Bahour

The starting point to understand today's reality in Palestine is as crystal clear now as it always has been. Over 4 million Palestinians are approaching their 50th year of living under Israeli military occupation; it should be noted that these Palestinians comprise less than half of all Palestinians worldwide.

The Israeli occupation seeps into every aspect of life, including our internal affairs. This is not an excuse for our state of affairs, but rather a fact that has always been there and must be understood and taken into consideration as we plan our actions. It is these desired "actions," or lack thereof, where lack of clarity enters.

First, there is President Mahmoud Abbas. Positioned more as a king governing by presidential decree, than president of an operating political system, President Abbas is at a loss as to how to address the multiple fronts imposed upon him.



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