Thursday, July 23, 2015

[ePalestine] BREAKING NEWS from Israel

BREAKING NEWS: Guided missile slams into Israeli Knesset building 

Shattering the relative calm in West Jerusalem, a non-violent, guided missile slammed into the Israeli Knesset building last night. A few blocks away, the windows of the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu were reported to still be rattling, hours after the initial impact. Thank God there were no fatalities, however several Israeli bank CEOs and Chairmen were admitted into Israeli hospitals for 48 hour observation. 

Initial screams of ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah were replaced at the crack of dawn when it was clear that the source of the missile, registered by a U.S. intelligence satellite, was the EU. Yes, the EU. The exact location was unclear, but intelligence sources are sure the missile was launched from one of the following cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Sofia, or Warsaw. Unidentified IDF sources confirm that the commissioning entity was The European Council on Foreign Relations ( 

Here is a picture of the missile before it was launched:

Here is Reuters' exclusive report on the event:


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