Saturday, June 13, 2015

[ePalestine] +972 Magazine: [Israel's] High Court: Palestinians have no planning rights

Last week I gave a talk to a group of Jewish students from the U.S. who came to Ramallah by way of a group called EXTEND Tours. One of the students, an astute female student, asked me when I was done, "Do you call what Israel is doing Apartheid." In answering, I said I do, but in reference to the Crime of Apartheid and not necessarily the South African version of Apartheid. I went on to say, however, I try not to throw the word around in vain and prefer to explain what reality looks like on the ground and let people reach their own conclusions, especially Jews given this is all being done to us (and them) in their name. In the spirit of my answer, I share this latest development from the invisible part of the Israeli military occupation. ~Sam Bahour


+972 Magazine

Published June 12, 2015

High Court: Palestinians have no planning rights

By Haggai Matar
By rejecting a petition by Palestinian residents of Area C, Israel's High Court of Justice effectively cemented two separate planning regimes on the same plot of land: one for Jews, another for Palestinians.
Palestinian farmers search the remains of concrete shelters demolished by the Israeli military, A-Tuwani, West Bank, April 2, 2014. Seven shelters built in agricultural areas outside of the village belonging to different inhabitants of A-Tuwani were demolished on the same morning. (Ryan Rodrick Beiler/


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