Friday, February 27, 2015

[ePalestine] Resetting Palestine's political system (By Sam Bahour) En/Ar

Open Democracy (English)
Al-Quds Newspaper (Arabic)

Resetting Palestine's political system
إعادة ضبط النظام السياسي في فلسطين ما عاد يحتمل الانتظار

By Sam Bahour

Today, Palestinian political strategy is being driven in the total absence of a functioning political system. Israel's forced fragmentation of our geographic reality mixed with internal political party divisions, disgust, despair and incompetence, the status quo tears apart Palestine's societal fabric. If it remains on its current course, the train of national liberation is bound to derail, resulting in serious, if not permanent, damage to our bid for freedom and independence.

Repairing the Palestinian political system cannot wait any longer.



Arabic (Al-Quds, 27/2/2015, p. 17 - PDF):

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