Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[ePalestine] Al-Hal: Between storytelling and reporting a story (By Sam Bahour) En/Ar

Al-Hal (Issue 115 - Volume 10)
Issued by Media Development Center, Birzeit University

Between storytelling and reporting a story
بين رواية الخبر ونقله

By Sam Bahour

Every culture has stories, whether for entertainment, education, cultural preservation, or instilling moral values. Many times, stories address more than one goal simultaneously. These stories are sometimes repeated so often in a family or community that they take on the characteristics of a fairy tale, but not without retaining a hint of the underlying truths. The life cycle of a story from fact to fiction is a discussion for another time, but let's bear in mind that when a story's main medium of travel is oral, a mix of fact, improvisation and embellishment are usually present in the final result.


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ARABIC: http://bit.ly/story-AlHal-Ar
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