Friday, July 04, 2014

[ePalestine] OpenDemocracy: Israel's self constructed image is crumbling (By Sam Bahour)


July 4, 2014

Israel's self constructed image is crumbling

By Sam Bahour

July 3, 2014. Palestinians inspect damages following overnight Israeli air strike, in Gaza City. Nine Palestinians were wounded. Demotix/Yazan Majdi. All rights reserved.

 The reignited cycle of violence in Palestine and Israel provides the Israeli government with exactly what it has been begging for months for, violence. However, for once, Israel may be facing a new fact of life—as the sole military power in the conflict, it has the full ability to start a widespread campaign of violence, but it may no longer be the party who single-handedly decides how it ends. This particular round of violence has the potential to surprisingly end with political progress towards peace.

If this new, heartbreaking round of violence is what finally brings an end to the 46 years of Israeli military occupation, then the 11 Israelis and Palestinians who so brutally lost their lives this past two weeks would not have died in vain.



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