Monday, June 30, 2014

[ePalestine] 'So long, Israel, and thanks for nothing' (By Carol Daniel Kasbari)

Carol and Osama are good friends; it's sad to see them leave, physically that is. I am constantly asked by visitors, what I think the ultimate goal of Israeli actions on the ground is. Well, this is it. The goal is for us to leave or vanish--no less. Given we will do neither, collectively, as a people, buckle up for the long haul. Humanity must prevail before peace pokes out its head.

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'So long, Israel, and thanks for nothing'

As a Palestinian Israeli married to a Palestinian, we've been waiting for Israel to grant us permission to live together. 15 years later, forced to choose between homeland and family unity, we have finally left.

By Carol Daniel Kasbari | Jun. 15, 2014


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