Monday, November 12, 2012

[ePalestine] The New Politics of Patronage: The Arms Trade and Clientelism in the Arab World

Dear friends, 

What a powerful research by Dr. Shana Marshall! A truly excruciating realization that as the Middle East's education systems, health case systems, and social services are failing, the arms industry is alive and well. Autocratic regimes of Jordan, Egypt, UAE, et al, and their private sector cronies and Western 'civilized' suppliers, your days are all limited. 

End the arms race to save the human race,


Crown Center for Middle East Studies 

The New Politics of Patronage: The Arms Trade and Clientelism in the Arab World

Shana Marshall 

Working Paper 4, November 2012 


Contemporary scholarship on the Arab world generally concentrates on the largest and most high-profile regional sources of state largess, oil revenues and foreign aid. This Working Paper focuses on a less visible source of state patronage—the international arms trade. Dr. Shana Marshall identifies some of the interests and institutions involved in the arms trade between the United States and the Arab world with the aim of exploring how the variation in the design of defence contract requirements reflects the unique patronage strategies adopted by ruling elites in the Arab world. To this end, Dr. Marshall examines two pairs of contrasting cases: Egypt and Jordan, where the defense contracts have buttressed the resources and capacities of state-run military producers, versus Saudi Arabia and the UAE, where defense dollars have financed a range of commercial enterprises owned by private sector businessmen.


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