Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[ePalestine] American Christians take note...when you hear 'never again,' make sure the person really means it

Religious leaders ask Congress to condition Israel military aid on human rights compliance 

PC(USA)’s Parsons, others see ‘troubling,consistent pattern of disregard’ by Israel government for U.S. policies 

October 5, 2012 

Accordingly, we urge an immediate investigation into possible violations by Israel of the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act and the U.S. Arms Export Control Act which respectively prohibit assistance to any country which engages in a consistent pattern of human rights violations and limit the use of U.S. weapons to “internal security” or “legitimate self-defense.” 


With this, I'm reminded of a 1998 article that every Christian should read:

What Christians Don’t Know About Israel 

By Grace Halsell  

Note: This article was written in 1998 by the late Grace Halsell. Sadly it remains relevant today. 


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