Sunday, December 06, 2009

[ePalestine] GIFT IDEA: Palestine in Pieces: Graphic Perspectives on the Israeli Occupation (Kathleen & Bill Christison)

Dear friends, 

I hope all are well as we enter this holiday season.  This time of year is one where choosing gifts for friends and loved ones can sometimes be a challenge.  In the face of all the high- tech gadgets it may be a hard sell, but I would like to suggest a simple gift that will educate the recipient. 

Two dear friends and co-authors, Kathy & Bill Christison, have just released their latest book, Palestine in Pieces: Graphic Perspectives on the Israeli Occupation.  I recently finished reading it and want to strongly suggest you consider passing a copy of the book as a gift to those you would like to educate about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. 

The book is an easy read and in 182 pages of text and photos depicts all the key points in the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine.  The book intertwines historical context within accounts of today's tragedy. As someone who has read a fair share on this conflict, I can confidently say this is an ideal primer for anyone wanting to get the big picture, but with a human touch. 

I've spoken to the authors and they advise that individuals subscribers to this list, ePalestine, may contact them to order the book (and they will include a CD with color pictures of all the book's black and white ones) directly for $14.  The Christison's do not intend to take any profits from the book but will donate these to two or three Palestinian organizations that they feel most benefit the Palestinians. 

So just drop them an email at to order.  Get a copy for your congressperson, clergyperson, and public library.  It will be a gift that will last longer than the holiday season for sure. 

I pass my utmost gratitude to Kathy and Bill for taking the time to learn and pass on their knowledge. 

Happy holidays,


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