Thursday, December 17, 2009

[ePalestine] American Public Media: One Year Later in Gaza ...a story from ground zero

American Public Media

Wednesday, December 16

North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC

One Year Later in Gaza

This month marks the one year anniversary of the beginning of the war in Gaza. While the conflict was short, the effects have been lasting.

Several times over the past year, Dick Gordon has spoken with Maha Mehanna. Maha lives in Gaza with her nephew Mohammed. They have access to basic supplies, but the closed border still means life has changed dramatically for them. Each month over the past year they have gained permission to cross the border into Israel to get medical treatment for Mohammed's rare immune disease. They've faced 6 hour long waits and even stray bullets while trying to cross, but for Maha those trips are like a holiday - her only chance to see life on the outside. Maha and Mohammed talk with Dick about life behind one of the most heavily fortified borders in the world.

LISTEN to the full interview at:

YESTERDAY, my dear Israeli friend wrote this about Maha:

If anyone is in a position to offer this family assistance contact Maha directly at: or via Deb at:

The Mehanna family are dear friends of my own family and these kids deserve our continued support.

Another Palestinian family determined to live, determined to see a future that is still missing,


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