Sunday, December 21, 2008

[ePalestine] Year End Appeal from Sam Bahour in Occupied Palestine

Dear friends,

Those of you who have been subscribed to the ePalestine list for some time know that I make financial appeals very, very infrequently, albeit the needs here are many times overwhelming. Yet, my assumption is that all of you are doing what you can in your localities. However, this post is one of those exceptions.

I am personally appealing to all of you to lend a hand to assist the first true Palestinian Community Foundation, Dalia Association, which I am a founding board member and donor.

The above is a Year End Appeal Letter from our fascinating Executive Director, Dr. Nora Murad. I will suffice to note that:

* Dalia Association is a community foundation that promotes Palestinian-led social change and sustainable development, particularly in the Palestinian homeland (1948 areas, West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip).

* Dalia Association concerns itself with the sustainability of civil society activities, whether led by registered or unregistered groups, individuals or private sector entities. It works particularly at the grassroots, with people who are addressing their own needs using local resources, creatively and with long-term commitment.

* Dalia Association promotes the development of philanthropy and volunteerism and its prerequisites, such as, trust in institutions (good governance), adequate regulatory and administrative infrastructure for philanthropy, and recognition of local initiative and leadership. It cares that all Palestinians have the chance to become donors, at any level of contribution, thus resisting the giver-receiver power imbalance.

That said, the donor community still dominates our society as we struggle to relieve ourselves from the dependence they instill. The challenge is daunting and we need your help. Note that contributions are tax deductible in the United States.

Please be as generous as can be, knowing these are turbulent economic times. You may give at Dalia Association.


P.S. Please pass this on to other individuals and organizations that you think may be interested in tangibly contributing to Palestinian steadfastness.


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