Tuesday, May 29, 2007

[ePalestine] My Areen & End of the World...

Dear Friends,

The older of my two daughters is Areen.  As many of you know, she goes to the Friends School  in Al-Bireh and is in 7th grade.  Although Areen was born in Youngstown, Ohio, she has lived in Palestine since age 2 and English is her second language.  Her mother tongue is Arabic.  Today, Areen brought home a graded English essay that she had to write in class.  It is attached.  No comment! 

In the days to come you will be receiving a new position paper we have developed in the Campaign ( http://www.righttoenter.ps/ ) fighting this Israeli policy of silent and sterile ethnic cleansing.  Please keep an eye out for it and act to expose this practice that allows kids to so clearly see the end of the world at 12 years old!  

Home, for now,


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