Sunday, January 31, 2010

[ePalestine] The Inevitable Bi-national Regime - By Meron Benvenisti (A MUST READ)

Jews for Justice for Palestinians

The Inevitable Bi-national Regime

By Meron Benvenisti

January 2010 

The article below, an extract from a longer book, was published today in the Hebrew edition of Ha’aretz. It did not appear in the English edition but has been translated by  Profs Zalman Amit and Daphna Levitt and circualted by email. 


It is no longer arguable; the question is not if a binational entity be established but rather what kind of entity will it be. The historical process that began in the aftermath of the 1967 War brought about the gradual abrogation of the partition option, if it ever existed.  Hence, bi- nationalism is not a political or ideological program so much as a de facto reality masquerading as a temporary state of affairs. It is a description of the current condition, not a prescription


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