Friday, May 15, 2009

[ePalestine] Professor Stephen Hawking on Gaza and more - THE SMARTEST PERSON ON EARTH GETS IT---DO YOU?

Riz Khan: What do you think will be the fallout from the war in Gaza? 

Professor Stephen Hawking:  The attack on Gaza is similar to that on Lebanon two years ago, that killed over two thousand but did not achieve Israel's war aims.  I think the assault on Gaza will be equally unsuccessful.  A people under occupation will continue to resist in any way it can.  If Israel wants peace it will have to talk to Hamas like Britain did with the IRA. Hamas is the democratically elected leaders of the Palestinian people and cannot be ignored. 

Riz Khan: Professor what have been your thoughts during the three weeks of violence that has taken place in Gaza? 

Professor Stephen Hawking: Israel's response to the rocket attacks has been plain out of proportion.  Almost a hundred Palestinians have been killed for every Israeli.  The situation is like that of South Africa before nineteen-ninety and cannot continue. 

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Note: Thanks to my good friend Ray Nakley from Youngstown, OH for passing this on.


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