Monday, November 05, 2007

[ePalestine] The positive side of Palestine...This Week in Palestine

Dear friends, 

The majority of corporate media waste no effort in showing the daily death and destruction of Palestine and Palestinians, that is, if they cover us at all.  However, daily life and the struggle for freedom are much more colorful than the never ending conflict worthy of coverage.  Many of you ask why I'm not showing the positive side of Palestine in my posts.  Well, here it is in a sustainable way.

Say hello to This Week in Palestine.  This is the premier English magazine published in Palestine, by Palestinians.  This publication is, by design, focused on the positive, as much as possible.  It is consistently upbeat and looking at the side of Palestine very few see, unless, of course, you have visited us personally.

This Week in Palestine's latest edition is on the Elderly , a topic I take personal interest in, given our history is stored in the elderly and we should pay much more attention to their lives, past, present and future.

The latest edition also carries my review of Jerusalem...The East Side Story:

This entire publication, which is published every month (not weekly), is now available for download at  in PDF format (see left side of homepage). I strongly recommend it.

To support this worthy publication, please subscribe to the hardcopy edition at .  I promise you will not be sorry you did.  While you are at this site, drop in the cart a bottle of our great olive oil too.

Recognizing local success,


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