Friday, November 23, 2007

[ePalestine] Interview: Crossing The Line - Ethnic Cleansing Podcast Available!

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This week on Crossing The Line, Israel continues its policy of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and barring internationals from documenting Israeli human rights violations, Sam Bahour will join us to talk more about this ongoing policy. 

Then, a Palestinian mother of seven dies at the border as yet another casualty of Israel's border closure of the Gaza Strip, where more than a dozen critically ill patients have died as a result of collective punishment. Electronic Intifada frequent contributor and Crossing The Line correspondent, Rami Almeghari will speak more on this story. 

Plus, masked Palestinian resistance fighters take over a classroom in Gaza, but they haven't  come to violate international laws, they've come to learn about them, Iyad Nasr - spokesperson for the International Committee of The Red Cross will join us to explain. 

Then later in the podcast The War's Toll compiled and read by Scott Burgwin of the Stand Independent News Service. -- "Of all of our studies, history is the one best suited to reward our research."___Malcolm X 

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