Monday, August 06, 2007

[ePalestine] Architecture as Military Strategy / Palestinian Quakers / Broken Promises...Dreams / The Magnes Zionist

Dear friends,

Sorry for being out of touch recently.  Things are very complicated on the ground and routine business is consuming our time and energy.  Below are some worthwhile resources.

Not buying the peace hype, AGAIN,


ZNet | Israel/Palestine

Architecture as Military Strategy:
A Review of Eyal Weizman's Hollow Land: Israel's Architecture of Occupation (Verso 2007)
by Ron Jacobs; July 15, 2007


Palestinian Quakers still offer peaceable spirit in troubled land
By Rena Singer
For The Philadelphia Inquirer


This book by a Jewish American woman obstetrician/gynecologist is clear, readable, cogent...

Broken Promises, Broken Dreams

“Broken Promises, Broken Dreams” Stories of Jewish and
Palestinian Trauma and Resilience

by: Alice Rothchild


The Magnes Zionist

My Israeli/American friend of a friend Jerry Haber (a nom de plume) is now writing a blog called, "The Magnes Zionist," which is worthy of your attention. The blog attempts to get Jews to rethink some of their assumptions about Israel, Zionism, and the Palestinians, but in a non-threatening way. Jerry is a liberal orthodox Jew who teaches Jewish studies at a university. Comments are welcome.



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