Wednesday, March 21, 2007

[ePalestine] The Easiest Targets...Five women – Palestinian, American, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish

Dear friends,

As foreign passport holders, the majority being American, we are still struggling with the Right to Enter/Re-Enter Palestine.  Our campaign ( ) was successful in getting the Israeli occupation to finally document (Dec 28, 06) a so-called policy, which is really a set of discriminatory procedures which are used to for arbitrary decision making by the Israeli military.  If you recall, for 9 months they continued to repeat that no change had taken place!

If you have 13 minutes to watch this video, you will understand the extent that this single policy is contributing to the growing despair here.

If Americans Knew
The Easiest Targets
13-minute video: Five women – Palestinian, American, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish – tell stories of humiliation and harassment by Israeli border guards and airport security officials.

Still steadily steadfast,


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