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[ePalestine] A few new, brief MUST READS / BOOK Blurb / Olive Harvest Film

Guardian (UK)

These shameful events have humiliated the Arab world
Saddam's trial and mob execution reeked of western double standards. Yet Iraq's neighbouring states failed to speak out
Ghada Karmi
Tuesday January 2, 2007


Al-Ahram Weekly (Egypt)

We didn't disappear
Arabs in Israel call for a "state of all its citizens" to replace Jewish-only policies, writes Jonathan Cook in Nazareth
14 - 20 December 2006

To read full report in English, Arabic and Hebrew vist:


The Philadelphia Inquirer (USA)

Truth at last, while breaking a U.S. taboo of criticizing Israel
By George Bisharat
Jan. 02, 2007



I was asked by this author to read this book and write a blurb.  I share my blurb for those that may be interested in getting the book.

The Woman I left Behind (by Kim Jensen)

The Woman I left Behind is much more than an untraditional love story.  A Palestinian refugee and a young American woman become equally entangled in the each other’s past, present and future.  Their story is interwoven with class struggle, national aspirations, careers, love, and the good and bad of each other’s culture.  Both of them, searching for a meaningful relationship, find that courage is needed when they are confronted with the opportunity to learn about themselves through the other.  While living in California, Irene’s lover, Khalid, has flashbacks of his days in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in 1982: “There is no gap between present and memory.  No chain of events that makes sense.  No moment that he can pinpoint and say, ‘that’s the past’ and ‘now it’s over.’”  This simple distinction of how time is framed captures an invaluable lesson for all those who try to make sense of the chasm between the West and Middle East.  This novel may be the softest entry point for both peoples, Palestinians and Americans, to learn how similar, and different, both are.  --Sam Bahour, co-editor of Homeland: Oral Histories of Palestine and Palestinians 

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The Olive Harvest

Hanna Elias , a friend, film writer and director and ePalestine subscriber (plus one of those 20% Israeli citizens that are Palestinian Arab - see 2nd article above) just notified me that his film has been relased in DVD format.  I saw this award winning film during its preview here in Ramallah.  I urge you to support him by buying the DVD and showing it in your community.

Hanna Elias


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