Wednesday, September 13, 2006

[ePalestine] Israel’s Barrier to Peace (A MUST READ with MUST SEE PIC)

Israel’s Barrier to Peace

Posted on Jul 25, 2006 

By Chris Hedges

Editor’s note: In this Dig, the former Middle East bureau chief for The New York Times and author of the bestseller “War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning” examines the way Israel’s security wall has ripped a mortal gash in the lives of Palestinians living in its shadow, and argues that there can be no hope for peace in the Middle East as long as America continues to aid Israel in its dehumanizing practices. 


"But this branding of these militants as something less than human, as something that reasonable people cannot hope to understand, is possible only because we have ignored and disregarded the decades of repression, the crushing weight of occupation, the abject humiliation and violence, unleashed on Lebanese and Palestinians by Israel because of our silence and indifference.  It is the Israeli penchant for violence and occupation that slowly created and formed these frightening groups." 

"It will contain at least 50% of the West Bank, including the whole of the western mountain aquifer, which supplies the West Bank Palestinians with over half their water." 

"The barrier is the most catastrophic blow to the Palestinians since the 1967 occupation of the West Bank and Gaza." 

"The barrier itself mocks any claim that it is temporary.  It costs $ 1 million per mile and will run over $ 2 billion by the time it is completed.  It will cut the entire 224-mile length of the West Bank off from Israel, but because of its diversions into the West Bank to incorporate Palestinian land it will be about 400 miles in length.  A second barrier is being built on the Jordan River side of the West Bank.  To look at a map of the barrier is to miss the point.  The barrier interconnects with every other piece of Israeli-stolen real estate in Palestinian territory. And when all the pieces are in place the Israelis will no doubt offer up the little ringed puddles of poverty and despair and misery to the world as a Palestinian state."  

“I spent 10 years working in Saudi Arabia to buy this land and start our nursery,” says Hani. “In a few hours the Israelis bulldozed my greenhouses and my plants into the ground.”  

“Too much pressure makes explosions,” my host says.  “When you deny us education, medical care and work what do you think we will do?” 


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