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[ePalestine] another DENIED ENTRY + Israel continues banning Gazans from studying in West Bank

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I write to you after another long day.  This afternoon my Uncle Mousa, in his late 70's, and Aunt Leila attempted to enter Israel from the Allenby Bridge. They left their home in El- Bireh/Ramallah, where they have been visiting for about 3 months from the US, to go to Amman for 2 days for some business with land they own there.  Upon attempting to re-enter, they were both "DENIED ENTRY" and told to go get a permit from the Israeli military in order to be able to enter.  Of course, the soldier forgot to tell them that the process to get a permit does not work.  So, I add another case to the thousands already out there. 

However, controlling Palestinians' movement is not limited to entering the country.  Read the brief account below.

In search for a reference point,


The peace agreements that the US is demanding the current, democratically-elected, Hamas-led Palestinian government to formally recognize state this:


Declaration of Principles On Interim Self-Government Arrangements
(September 13, 1993)



The two sides view the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as a single territorial unit, whose integrity will be preserved during the interim period.

Done at Washington, D.C., this thirteenth day of September, 1993.

For the Government of Israel
For the P.L.O.

Witnessed By:

The United States of America
The Russian Federation


Reality is this:


w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m 
Last update - 10:31 08/09/2006 
Israel continues banning Gazans from studying in West Bank 
By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent 

The defense establishment said on Thursday it would continue banning Palestinian students from the Gaza Strip from studying in the West Bank. 

Hundreds of Palestinian students whom Israel has prevented from continuing studies in West Bank universities for the past six years have recently petitioned the High Court of Justice to instruct the state to allow them to complete their studies. 

The petition was supported by Israeli professors, who protested the infringement on the students' freedom to study. 

The defense establishment is preparing its response to the petition. 

Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet officials told Defense Minister Amir Peretz on Thursday that they could not agree to the students' demand, because of intelligence indicating that terrorist groups in the West Bank contacted individuals who moved freely between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and used them to transfer information and instructions. 

Peretz and members of the defense establishment also discussed preparations for the approaching olive harvest in the West Bank. Peretz instructed them to thwart the settlers' attacks on the Palestinians and their efforts to prevent the Palestinians from reaching their olive groves. "The law must be enforced, we must prepare properly and prevent any friction," Peretz said. 

The defense establishment has stopped acting against the settlers' construction and expansion of illegal outposts in the West Bank since the abduction of the soldier Gilad Shalit in late June and especially since the eruption of the conflict in the North. 


The question is where are The United States of America and The Russian Federation?!  Do they even respect their own signatures to these documents?

Also, please remind me, which party is not honoring the signed agreements?

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