Saturday, August 26, 2006

[ePalestine] GOOD NEWS, finally: El Salvador announce embassy move

Dear friends,

Hope comes in small doses these days.  Today, however, the dose is double size.  Following in Costa Rica's footsteps, we now have breaking news that El Salvador has decided to move its embassy from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

I'm sure those of you who took action after learning of Costa Rica's move contributed to this. Thanks!

Israel: when will you learn?  This continued occupation and arrogance of power will drag you places you never dreamed of!  ACTIONS DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES!

Chalk one up for peace with justice,

P.S.  Please forgive me for what my Israeli friend termed an "elegant little Freudian slip" in my last message.  I meant to say "your local places of worship...," not "warship"!  These words should not even be so similar.


El Salvador announce embassy move 

From correspondents in San Salvador 
August 26, 2006 

OFFICIALS in El Salvador announced overnight that they will transfer their embassy from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, meaning that all embassies will now be located in the western Israeli city. 

El Salvador had been the lone holdout, the only country to maintain its embassy in Jerusalem, after Costa Rica decided on August 16 to move its mission to Tel Aviv. 

The Salvadoran government reached the decision after "analysing with Israel the current situation in the Middle East, especially after the agreements reached in UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which seeks to promote security and greater stability" in the region, it said in a statement. 

Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital, which is disputed by the Palestinians. 


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