Friday, August 04, 2006

[ePalestine] [ACTION] Jewish Voice for Peace - Download free Mideast peace posters

Dear friends,

Lekas Miller Design, a creative firm that does wonderful pro bono work for Jewish Voice for Peace has created the following posters:

Please download them and mass copy.  Post and distribute in public places.  Place them on windshields of cars at churches and synagogues.  Post them in the your local library and mall.  Ask your storekeepers to post them on the door of their stores.  Get the one marked "ad" placed in your local newspaper.

The Jewish American and Christian Zionist fundamentalist communities are becoming more Israeli than the Israelis...they are blocked from seeing the evil and war crimes being carried out in their names.

Act NOW,

P.S.  I must note that several subscribers have corrected/questioned the accuracy of a few of the points that appeared in the fact sheet on Lebanon I passed out a few days ago.  For the most part is it correct, but note it has not been verified by me.


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