Monday, May 08, 2006

[ePalestine] The shrinking map of Palestine (A MUST SEE) / Behind The Wall

Dear friends, 

This single graphic (low resolution version attached) in the in the London Times, 5 May 2006, titled, Truth in Mapping, speaks volumes. 

For a higher resolution version see:

Also, see the below note from a friend of mine in Ramallah.  My 2 daughters are in the same school system.

Back to basics,


Behind The Wall

Dear friends all over the world, 

I am proud to tell about you about my son Mohammad (age 15) and his classmates’ project. They are 10th graders at Friends Boys School in Ramallah. With the help of the same age group in an American school, they are working on a website dedicated to telling stories about the life of Palestinian teenagers, Life Behind the Wall

Most people all over the world receive news from TV broadcasts and form certain stereotypes, but wouldn’t it be nice for a change if you read a real life version? To know what’s said and what’s kept hidden? Please visit their exciting website

Please spread the word and forward the address to as many people as possible. 

Hadeel Qazzaz


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