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[ePalestine] A Palestinian Prodigy at UC Berkeley

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Berkeley Undergrad Sets Up Mini-Clinics

KGO By Carolyn Johnson 

May 22 - KGO - The commencement speaker for hundreds of students in the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley is a remarkable undergrad who came up with a concept that could revolutionize healthcare on a global level. He's already put his plan to work in Palestine. 

Daniel Zoughbie, Global Micro-Clinic founder: "As leaders we can break down the confining barriers of insularity and hatred and guide into others into the freedom found in service." 

For Daniel Zoughbie, giving the commencement address wraps up a remarkable career at UC Berkeley 

Ananya Roy, Ph.D., associate dean & chair of Urban Studies: "He's redefined what it means to do well academically which is his ability to combine academics with public service." 

Two years ago, Daniel came up with a concept to treat and prevent diabetes in Palestine. His grandmother died in Bethlehem from complications of the disease. 

Daniel Zoughbie, Global Micro-Clinic founder: "There were restrictions on movement, tense political situation, and as I wanted to think about how we provide health care in this situation, I wanted to deal with this issue of diabetes and provide some kind of health care delivery system in the developing world." 

His plan was to create mini clinics in people's homes or businesses, turning private spaces into public ones. 

He recruited volunteers in Palestine - doctors and nurses to educate the community about diabetes and about managing their own healthcare through what he named Micro-Clinics. 

Daniel Zoughbie, Global Micro-Clinic founder: "The Micro-Clinic is basically composed of three to six individuals and we give each Micro-Clinic a machine to share a glucose monitoring system." 

There are now 50 Micro-Clinics in and around Bethlehem and Daniel sees this as only the beginning. Berkeley's Division of International Studies is launching a global Micro-Clinic fellowship program based on Daniel's model. 

Ananya Roy, Ph.D., associate dean & chair of Urban Studies: "There's been interest in applying it to Afghanistan, particularly to post conflict societies, because partly what he's building is not just an infrastructure of healthcare, but an infrastructure of peace." 

Daniel Zoughbie, Global Micro-Clinic founder: "What I intend to do is establish these programs for students not just at Berkeley but at every major university around the world." 

Daniel heads to England's Oxford University in the Fall as a prestigious Marshall scholar where he hopes to establish a fellowship program there - young man already making a world of difference. 

For more information, visit http://microclinicproject.org 

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