Monday, May 15, 2006

[ePalestine] Introducing the Institute for Middle East Understanding (Links Corrected)

Dear Friends,  

I wanted to make you aware of the Institute for Middle East Understanding at .  The IMEU works with journalists on their stories about Palestine and the Palestinians.  In the short time the IMEU has been around, they've placed numerous commentaries in the mainstream media and connected journalists with good Palestinian spokespeople for their publications and shows.  

Since May 3, they've been running a campaign to bring awareness to the Nakba. Each day, they've featured profiles of survivors, statistics, historical information and more.  For the 58th anniversary on May 15th, there is a powerful roundtable featuring seven prominent Palestinians with their thoughts on the Nakba( , along with the Nakba material from the past two weeks.  

Take a look at . If you know journalists who could use assistance with their stories on Palestine and the Palestinians, please feel free to have them contact the IMEU at or 510-451-2600.  

Spreading the word,


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